Our Story

The heart of M&K Homes is rooted in our story. Our Handyman Broken Arrow values and what we endeavor to provide as a business is tied to our founder Mark Ostrom.

Mark was born and raised in northern Indiana. He grew up in a Christian home and had even been saved as a young child, but he lacked consistency in living his life for Jesus Christ in his early years.

While attending high school Mark was a part of a youth group at Northwest Free Methodist Church. One year the youth leaders planned a youth retreat to a conference in Rockford Illinois. The name of the conference was Acquire the Fire. Mark had never been to any type of youth conference before. He was a little hesitant about attending but he decided to go to the conference. On the very first night of the conference an invitation was made for people to make Jesus Lord in their lives. Mark still vividly remembers that invitation. He watched as youth all over the building moved down to the lower level of the conference building. As he stayed in his seat, he could sense God nudging him on the inside. Although Mark had grown up in church and even asked Jesus to save him as a young child, he knew that God was asking him to completely sell out to serving Him. To not just have Jesus as a savior but to genuinely make Him Lord of all. Even though Mark never went down to the floor that night, he made a decision that has drastically affected his life ever since. Our founder has a genuine belief Jesus is the Son of God that everything we do as a business is directly tied to that belief. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a Christian to receive the benefit of our service, it means that we endeavor to provide a service that is consistent with this belief.

After graduating high school Mark worked full time at a grocery store in Indiana. He realized that he didn’t want to work in the grocery business the rest of his life and felt that enlisting in the United States Air Force was a good decision. After graduating his basic training Mark was sent to Biloxi, Mississippi. After four and half moths Mark was trained in the areas of carpentry, masonry, and metal working and shipped to permanent duty location of Minot, North Dakota.

During the six years of Mark’s service in the United States Air Force he developed the skills he had learned in Mississippi. In the winters he took part in many interior remodels on the Air Force base. Mark enjoyed carpentry but knew there was a call to something more still inside him.

As he was nearing the end of his enlistment, he grew interested in a Bible school that his brother had attended in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. The name of the school was Rhema Bible Training Center. Mark had read some books from its founder and though he would possibly like to attend the school. After a trip to visit the school Mark was convinced that this was the next step he was supposed to take.

In February of 2005 Mark moved to Oklahoma. That fall he started his training for ministry. Mark continued working in the area of construction while attending Rhema. Mark’s first year of training flew by and he quickly started his second year of training. During the beginning of his second year Mark met a new student named Kaley. She was beginning her first year of training at Rhema and had recently moved from Alabama. Kaley was immediately drawn to Mark, but he needed a little more time to realize she was who he was supposed to marry. Kaley waited patiently until Mark eventually asked her to marry him. Of course she said yes, and they tied the knot in 2007.

Shortly after graduation Mark began working for Kenneth Hagin Ministries in the carpentry department and Kaley worked at the Churches daycare. As they started their life together, they were very ministry minded and excited to discover all that God had for them. Their idea of what ministry really was about to change. Many times people look at ministry as something that is done behind a pulpit, but Mark and Kaley began to see it as something that is done with their hands. Mark and Kaley fell in love with ministering to others through the skills God have given them. During the week they would serve the ministry with their hands and in their time off he would volunteer and minister with their mouths by preaching in prisons or nursing homes. Mark and Kaley were content to serve at Rhema Bible Church and Kenneth Hagin Ministries for the rest of their lives.

Then after serving at Rhema for seven years one day Mark was working in the Church building when the idea of starting his own carpentry business just flashed in his head. People had hired him to do some carpentry work on the side, but he was so content serving at Rhema that he brushed the idea off and went about his work.

Not long after that Mark was working a Handyman Broken Arrow side job for a business owner that attended his Church. Mark was repairing a suspended ceiling for the business owner and the owner was with Mark as he was working. As they talked with each other the business owner asked Mark “What is keeping you at Rhema?” In an instant the idea of starting his own business flashed back in Mark’s head and he realized in that moment that God was leading him out of Rhema to start his own business. The impression that Mark got was so strong that it seemed like he should put his notice in the next day. After seeking some wisdom he felt led to get things established in the business before leaving his position at Kenneth Hagin Ministries. In 2014 Mark filed with the state of Oklahoma to open M&K Homes LLC. Mark and Kaley took the next few years to grow the business as he continued to work full time at Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

As 2016 was coming to a close Mark and Kaley could sense that Mark would probably be leaving Rhema early in 2017. Mark’s hard work had paid off and the business had grown as much as it could with out him leaving to go out on his own. Mark & Kaley began praying an asking God if Mark was really supposed to leave Rhema and go out on his own. Then in February of 2017 Mark was preaching a three day conference at a cowboy church in Wagner Oklahoma. After he finished preaching the second night he was talking to one of the pastors that was attending the conference. As they talked Mark mentioned about praying about leaving and going out on his own when suddenly he saw an image of a boat being untied from a dock and going out into the deep and he heard the word “Disembark” on the inside. Mark had his word from God. It was time to go out and trust God!

Mark went full time with M&K Homes April of 2014. Since then he has been endeavoring to follow the steps of Jesus the ultimate businessman who went about “Doing good”. At M&K Homes we believe that some of the best preaching is done without a word. We believe that God wants to show you His goodness simply by providing a good Handyman Broken Arrow service that you will never forget.