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Our Services

  • Update kitchens and bathrooms
  • Replace and adjust dysfunctional doors
  • Drywall repair and installation
  • Trim installation and replacement
  • Decorative tile work

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The M & K Homes Handyman Broken Arrow Guarantee

When you choose M & K Homes, you’ll get our +110% satisfaction guarantee. Character you can count on, Quality you can trust, and communication that can’t be matched.

When it comes to M&K Homes and any type of Handyman Broken Arrow project you need, if you are looking for complete satisfaction, we encourage you to contact the experts. We are excited to serve you and help turn your dreams into a reality. When it comes to our services, we want total and complete satisfaction. That is the M&K Homes Guarantee. That’s why you can count on us every time!

Don’t just take our word for it

“M&K Homes was absolutely fantastic! Mark did everything we expected and more. He was in constant communication about the schedule and the work he was going to do! He made sure that all of our personal belongings were taken care of and even cleaned up after he was finished with the job each day he was here! He’s absolutely someone that other companies could learn from with the pride he takes in his work and customer service! If I ever need anything him and his company do, M&K will be the FIRST company I contact!”
– Keith H.

”M&K Homes is Amazing!!! Mark and his Team are Dedicated to the project & people. They re Hardworking, Trustworthy, Timely, & their communication is something other companies can learn and grow from. I Will hire them in the future and recommend them to Everyone!! Best service I ve ever received. I m Not going anywhere else!”
– Juanita O.

What is the Next Step to Your Dream Home?

We get it. You can see your dream home after any Handyman Broken Arrow repairs NOW! But, what is the next step? The next step is to contact M&K Homes to help walk you through the process. Most people appreciate the guidance we provide when you’re looking for either a total and complete remodel, an addition to your existing home, or any kind of repairs or drywall needs that you may be facing. We truly are committed to excellence every step of the way, and we want to see how we can help you. When it comes to delivering exceptional services for quality repairs, where we treat your family home just like ours, you’ve come to the right place and we are ready to help you. So, call today!

M&K Handyman Broken Arrow Estimation Process

For M&K Homes, we make sure we truly go the extra mile in every way possible to make sure that we are meeting and exceeding all of your home remodel or Handyman Broken Arrow needs. We encourage you to reach out and let us schedule an estimate for you. Our experts here at M&K Homes will go over everything with you to show you, step-by-step the process to perfect home improvement. During the estimation process, we will go through the entire process to make sure that we educate you every single day throughout the entire process. When it comes to your home, this is a large part of your dream and this is your vision. Therefore, every step of the way, we will walk you through the steps and educate you when it comes to the entire estimation process.

For most people, they want to be updated on the steps, wondering exactly what parts of the project are happening, and what the progress is. We completely understand this. That is why during step one, upon the very first phone call and your very first impression of M&K Homes for Handyman Broken Arrow, the entire process exists for us to walk you through and educate you the entire step of the way to complete your vision. If anything changes during this entire process, we actually keep you posted the entire time. Our goal is to make sure that we are giving you everything you need to do in terms of making your dream home a total and complete reality.

Another key thing we encourage you to do when it comes to contacting M&K Homes is to make sure that you are asking all of the right questions. For most people, they know what they need when it comes to their home. They discuss it, they usually have some type of preference in terms of design style, maybe their tastes and aesthetic changes they want to see done. However, our goal at M&K Homes is not only to give you exactly what you want, but our goal is to pull out all of the specifics for you to enhance your vision of a Handyman Broken Arrow repair or remodel. We do that in every way possible. One of the best things about M&K Homes is our many years of experience to predict future wants as well as changes or possible needs. That is why, overtime, when it comes to additions, remodels, repairs or drywall processes, we will truly listen to your needs, assess your design style, tastes, and we’ll walk you through the steps of achieving your dream home.

What is the Final Step With M&K Homes?

Total Dream – Turned into a Reality. That’s our goal. Here at M&K Homes, you asked, we deliver. In fact, we deliver every step of the way and we absolutely love our ability to serve you in your home remodeling, home repair, Handyman Broken Arrow service and any home project we can do for you. When it comes to your home, we are able to walk you through the final step to complete everything you need in terms of your home. Maybe you are experiencing a new family member arriving soon. If that is the case, we encourage you to contact M&K Homes. Maybe it’s time for a revamp of the existing space. We truly are the experts giving you everything you need, and we do that and so much more. Our goal is to give you everything you need to complete your home project prior to completion during this final phase. We truly deliver your dream home to you, but your next step is to contact us today. We over deliver in every way. Start today, and let us walk you through the steps.That is our job here at M&K Homes. You asked, we deliver until the job is complete.